Press Release Napo - Risk Level “increased” for Probation Services in Northern Ireland

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Risk Level “increased” for Probation Services in Northern Ireland

Due to ongoing security concerns in Northern Ireland Napo has been informed that the threat level posed to the probation Service in Northern Ireland has been increased. This is deeply concerning given the current climate and Napo calls for a cross party approach to respond to this raised threat. The probation Service has and always will serve all communities in Northern Ireland to protect the public, rehabilitate offenders and protect victims.  

Ian Lawrence General Secretary said: “Napo is outraged at the increase in the risk level to staff working for the Probation Board of Northern Ireland.  Napo strongly condemns all those that seek to put our members in harm’s way. Probation staff, our members, work in an already challenging, demanding and potentially dangerous environment.  As Social Workers they are highly trained professionals and work with some of the most challenging client groups, helping them to rehabilitate and re-integrate back into society.

“It is unacceptable that while Probation Staff work tirelessly to make all our communities safe, others seek to threaten them. We urgently call on all parties across the political spectrum that have an influence to use it now and make sure that staff are able to work without this unnecessary additional threat”.

Napo is calling for an urgent statement from the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire on this issue and to call for cross party co-operation within Northern Ireland to find a resolution.