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Napo steps up reunification arguments in advance of TUC and Party Conference season

Napo’s campaign and negotiating teams have joined up to produce the latest ‘no holds barred’ position statement around the future of Probation. In a document that will form the basis of our contributions at the upcoming TUC and Labour Party conference fringe events, cross-party MPs, Peers and the media, the union sets out its negotiating demands on behalf of all members working in the NPS or a CRC as well as outlining Napo’s vision for the future structure of Probation under full public ownership and control.

The report focusses on:

AGM Motion Deadline looms

The deadline for Motions and Constitutional Amendments for this year's AGM (11th & 12th October in the St David's Hall Cardiff) is very soon. They need to be with Napo HQ by 12 noon on Friday 16 August, so make sure you get them in on time.

Motions to be considered by the AGM may be submitted by the NEC, a national committee, a Probation branch, the Family Court Section, the Forum or any two full or professional associate members of Napo. Constitutional amendments may be submitted by the NEC, a Probation branch or the Family Court Section. 


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