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Discussions between Napo and Cafcass senior management on direct work with Children

In our fortnightly meeting with Cafcass senior management, Napo has asked for clarification about direct work with children. We were reassured by Cafcass senior management that  there will continue to be a  hybrid approach to direct work with children, as per the protocol, and that each case should continue to be considered on an individual basis as to the work required and how that work should be conducted.

Employment tribunal fees

For some time now Government has been smarting at the High Court decision to make Employment Tribunal fees illegal. Correspondence between the TUC and Chris Philp MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice, reveals that "No decisions regarding the re-introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal have been made. The Government is committed to the effective enforcement of employment rights.

Can you help shape Napo’s Training Strategy?

At its last meeting, Napo's Professional & Training Committee decided to undertake a probation-wide survey on how training is being delivered, it's effectiveness and how it can be improved.

Your help would be really appreciated. It will only take a few minutes of your time and the information you provide will be of huge help in the development of Napo's training strategy.

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OccupEye - an explanation

Napo was recently made aware of devises being fitted to desks in a CRC office by a member who was concerned about their purpose. We have received the following explanation from HMPPS in relation to this.

“They are devices that help us understand how buildings are being utilise/ get a better understanding of desk usage etc. We’ve used them before in NPS properties but this might be the first time the NPS have installed them in a CRC property. The attached comms was issued, however may not of filtered down".

Napo responds to Consultation on the ACO management structure for Proposed Probation Delivery Units

In summary, Napo is opposed to the proposal for fair and open competition to fill the new PDU/Deputy roles. We believe that these appointments must be handled under the existing mapping and matching process for the reasons set out below. Fair and open competition is outside the principles to which we are committed to deliver as part of the Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement – which makes no reference to any staff having to apply for jobs. Indeed, that has been the cornerstone of our approach to the current negotiations.

Ian Barrow appointed Interim Director for the Probation Workforce Programme

News just in that Ian Barrow has been appointed as Interim Director for the Probation Workforce Programme, following its recent launch. He will take up post on the 3 February. Members will know Ian from his previous role as Probation Divisional Director for the National Probation Service in Wales.


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