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AGM Motion Deadline looms

The deadline for Motions and Constitutional Amendments for this year's AGM (11th & 12th October in the St David's Hall Cardiff) is very soon. They need to be with Napo HQ by 12 noon on Friday 16 August, so make sure you get them in on time.

Motions to be considered by the AGM may be submitted by the NEC, a national committee, a Probation branch, the Family Court Section, the Forum or any two full or professional associate members of Napo. Constitutional amendments may be submitted by the NEC, a Probation branch or the Family Court Section. 

Assessing risk of harm to children and parents in private law children cases

The MoJ has opened a consultation on how the family courts protect children and parents in private law children cases concerning domestic abuse and other serious offences. This will look specifically at the application of Practice Direction 12J, Practice Direction 3AA, The Family Procedure Rules Part 3A, and s.91(14) orders, and will build a more detailed understanding of any harm caused to parents and/or children during or following private law children proceedings.

Domestic abuse survivors invited to shape future of family court

Survivors of domestic abuse and other harmful conduct are being invited to share their experiences of how well the family courts protects them and their children in private family law proceedings

The Government launched a call for evidence on 19th July. This is part of a three-month project overseen by a panel of experts, aimed at throwing a spotlight on how the family courts manage the safety and well-being of children when there is a risk of domestic abuse.

Consultation opens on revised Victims' Code

In September last year, the government published its cross-government Victims Strategy. The MoJ says it has already delivered a significant number of the commitments in the strategy and it is on track to deliver the rest. Consultation  opened this week on the first stage in delivering the commitment to consult on a strengthened Victims’ Code, that will be both clearer, and more responsive to the changing nature of crime and victims’ needs.

Government introduces Domestic Abuse Bill

A new Domestic Abuse Bill was introduced into the commons on 16th July. In launching the Bill the government says "Far too many individuals have their lives destroyed by abuse and we need to build a society that has zero tolerance towards domestic abuse and actively empowers victims, communities and professionals to confront and challenge it and to provide victims with the support they deserve.That is why the government is committed to transforming the response to this terrible crime, including by introducing this landmark bill.


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