Support for members in SFOs

Another challenging issue for Napo at the moment is the position of our members who are called to give evidence to Coroners Inquests in increasing numbers.

A meeting took place with Sonia Crozier recently to see how we could encourage the employer to make improvements to the practical and emotional support offered to staff who are involved in legal proceedings. I can report that Sonia, in her letter to all NPS staff on Monday this week, seems to have acknowledged that more needs to be done in terms of guidance to staff and how the Government Lawyers (GLD) should provide better clarity in how they can assist staff through what is often an extremely difficult process.

We have agreed to meet again soon to explore the parameters between the employer’s responsibility to staff and the role of Napo in assisting our members. When we do, we will make it very clear yet again (as Ian Lawrence did in the recent meeting I had with new Justice Minister Robert Buckland) that Napo will not stand by and see our members scapegoated for political or operational expediency when systemic operational failures are the root cause of many of the problems identified during SFO reviews.

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