#ThisIsNotWorking Campaign Launched

The TUC launches its #ThisIsNotWorking campaign today. The campaign calls on the government to introduce a new, easily enforceable preventative duty that would require employers to take all reasonable steps to prevent social harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassment has no place in the workplace. But every day, people across the UK are sexually harassed at work. 1 in 2 women have been sexually harassed at work. 2 in 3 LGBT workers have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace - that's 68%.Currently, there is  no legal duty on employers to take proactive action to prevent this from happening. 

Our laws rely on individuals reporting but #ThisIsNotWorking. The onus is on the victim to report - which can be isolating, confusing and potentially traumatic. Four out of five don’t feel able to report sexual harassment to their employer. That is why we need a legal duty requiring employers to take action.It should not be down to the individual to prevent and manage their harassment alone.

Support the campaign - tell the government to act now and change the law.




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