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We are the only trade union and professional association in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that specialises in family courts and probation.

This means that all of the things that matter most to you is always at the heart of everything we do.

Join thousands of family court and probation staff all united in their fight for job security, public safety and maintaining professional standards.

When you become a member of Napo, you will lead us via democratic processes and we will amplify your voice through our many campaigns.

We will protect you in times of trouble, and negotiate a better deal on pay and working conditions on your behalf.

Napo has a varierty of membership plans to suit all circumstances. Use the links on the left to find out more.

Qualifying Membership Period

There is a requirement that you have three months membership in order to have a case considered for referral for legal representation, but as a new member of Napo you can expect to get local support and to be involved in collective bargaining and democratic activities as soon as you join.

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