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Organising = working together to build a strong union


Need a Powerpoint presentation to recruit members?

Download one here

Promotional Materials

Are you planning a recruitment drive or a special event? New supplies of promotional material available. Contact Tay Burke for Napo pens, lanyards, notepads, folding shoppers, trolley coins,  etc.

Need a poster?

Download Napo's latest here

What happens to branches under Transforming Rehabilitation?

NPS or CRC? No matter, still together - New Branch Structure

Branches merging? - Toolkit

Getting organised!

Contacting the Press - A Guide to Local Press Releases

Publicising events - a Guide to Taking Photos

Planning a public campaign - an Activists Guide

Organising a picket - Guidance

Developing a strong union – a Guide

Knowing the rules - Napo's Constitution

Promotional Materials

Do you need stuff for recruiting or a special event? Contact Tay Burke for Napo pens, lanyards, coasters, notepads, etc.

Organising Skills

Develop your strengths and skills to build a network of strong effective members

TUC Organising Academy