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Some stirrings on CRC pay - but it falls well short of what is needed

As we expected, some of the CRC providers have reacted to the NPS settlement by making some movement on the pay front.

Sadly, it is still not enough in terms of our campaign to secure pay equity across the NPS and the CRCs, and I will shortly be writing to providers to say as much. Because of the recent flurry of activity and the need to review the overall picture at tomorrow’s meeting of your National Executive Committee, these communications and a more detailed update will follow shortly for all members.

Brexit - the TUC view

As I reported to the AGM, your delegates to the TUC were mandated by your National Executive Committee to support the TUC policy position on Brexit. The outcome of the negotiations with the EU were announced last week and gave rise to what was by any standards an extraordinary week in UK politics.

Below is the statement from TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady which I thought you would want to see. 

Sodexo hit the panic button on pay

Just as was predicted at our recent AGM, the news of the current NPS pay offer has spooked CRC owners who are understandably worried that they will lose staff across to better paying employers, (well actually, the NPS to be precise). News reaches me of NPS vacancy pages on the internet receiving record numbers of hits, and examples already in of CRC staff voting with their feet despite taking a hit on continuity of service and deciding that reaching their pay maximum in a lot less time than they would have, is simply well worth it.  

Pay Ballot produces a surge in Napo membership

While the team here do their best to respond to incoming enquiries about the NPS pay offer, we had cause to issue some further clarification following reports we have received from members who were confused or angry (or both), following contact with UNISON members or having seen other non-Napo literature. It’s here again if by any chance you have not seen it.


I expect that everyone who was at Napo's AGM in Southport will have a little less in the tank than is usual for a Monday today.

Feedback has been great, with many members telling me that they have returned from a long journey home highly motivated by the breakthrough on pay in the NPS, but also because they are determined to get four square behind our campaign for pay parity across the CRCs as well.

Bidders Beware!

Our wholesale opposition to the calamitous decision by David Gauke to retender the shortened CRC contracts, and offer new ones within a reconfigured 10 region structure was again reinforced in our submission to the ‘Strengthen Probation Building Confidence’ consultation last week.


My experience of many sets of pay negotiations over the years is that a delicate balance is required between keeping members up to date with news of progress whilst maintaining the necessary confidentiality.

The position as I write, is that we are now into the final few days of exchanges with the employer as the substantive negotiations which shape the basis of a pay offer and which require all parties to be present are pretty much exhausted.


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