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Napo Securing Improvements to how Ill-Health Early Retirement is Managed

Since the probation split, the number of members experiencing problems progressing Ill-Health Early Retirement (IHER) applications has grown significantly. There has been a particular problem in the NPS – one of the consequences of rushing the TR programme. These have been amplified by failings in their computerised shared-service centres ability to appreciate the differences between the local government scheme (LGPS) and the civil service scheme.

Pensions: understanding the 85 Year Rule

If you joined the Local Government Pension Scheme before 1st October 2006 and your age and length of service add up to 85 or more you qualify for some potential benefits under it’s so called 85 Year Rule. However, the scope of the rule have changed over-time, becoming more open to interpretation and difficult to understand. Here, Napo’s pensions lead, Dean Rogers, summarises how it used to work and how it works now. CLICK HERE

Brexit and workers rights

So far in the Brexit debate, scant regard has been paid by the government to workers’ rights. The government has not consulted with trade unions about the terms or implications of Brexit and only when facing certain defeat in Parliament did the Prime Minister belatedly pick up the phone to some trade union leaders. This is not genuine engagement with trade unions, nor a genuine desire by the government to protect workers’ rights.


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