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#3 Public Safety is compromised with a 21% increase in SFOs and community safety completely undermined by a divided organisation

It’s fair to say that Transforming Rehabilitation has had an adverse – dangerous even – impact on the ability of probation staff to manage the risk of their clients and keep the public safe.

Before the service was butchered, categorising clients either high, medium or low risk meant workload could be shared, there were ample opportunities for staff development, and most importantly, cases could be easily escalated to a more experienced officer if anything changed.

#2 Marketisation has failed for clients, staff, public and CRCs themselves as none have made a profit

Working Links: collapsed. Interserve: liquidated. When two out of the eight owners of private companies delivering probation services fall on their swords, it is surely time for a rethink. But blinkered as ever, the Tories for now seem intent on continuing to make justice a (not quite) profit making industry.

#1 We have a two-tier workforce for pay, conditions and professional standards

It was always going to be a disaster. Tearing the service in two, giving the bigger chunk to private companies tasked with looking after “medium/low” risk clients; while “high” risk service users would remain under the watchful eye of the publically owned National Probation Service.

One thing Grayling and the Tory government were right about: it really did transform rehabilitation –  but for the worse.

Ministers consider calling time on short-term sentences

The MoJ is considering puttin an end to prison sentences 12 months or less in England and Wales.

Ministers argue that short jail terms are less effective at cutting reoffending than community penalties, and if scapped, could free up thousands of places in over crowded prisons.

Responding to the news, national chair, Katie Lomas, said: "Napo members welcome this announcement as we have long campaigned for the use of community alternatives to short custodial sentences.

Formal notice of 2019 AGM

Notice is hereby given that the 107th Annual General Meeting of Napo is to be held on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 October 2019, commencing at 10.00 am at the St David’s Hall, Cardiff.

All members of Napo may attend the Annual General Meeting and registration forms will be distributed during June.  A detailed programme and agenda, together with relevant documents, will be sent to all members who return the completed registration form.

HMIP says TR is “irredeemably flawed”

The Probation Inspectorate today published a damning report on the government’s TR programme saying: “The probation model delivered by Transforming Rehabilitation is irredeemably flawed. “

The report continues: “Above all, it has proved well-nigh impossible to reduce probation services to a set of contractual requirements. Professional probation work is so much more than simply a series of transactions, and when treated in that way it is distorted and diminished.”

TUC and CBI write to the prime minister

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn have written a joint letter to the Prime Minister urging a change to her approach on Brexit. They have requested an urgent meeting to discuss their concerns.

The letter reads:

Together we represent millions of workers and tens of thousands of businesses. It is on their behalf that we are writing to you to ask you to change your Brexit approach.


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