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Unions serve notice of Formal dispute as employer rejects pay claim

Napo, Unison and GMB/SCOOP have formally registered a dispute with KSS CRC over pay.

The genesis of the dispute is around the sub-standard nature of an intended general pay award and what we see as a failure by the employer to properly address pay parity issues across the two regions of the KSS CRC West (Former Working Links areas) and East (original Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas). Additionally we have said that the employer has not conducted itself within the terms of the relevant national collective bargaining agreements.

Justice minister to appear before select committee

The justice select committee will be calling on justice minister Robert Buckland to appear in the hot seat on Wednesday.

The minister will be tasked with answering questions on the government’s response to the JSC report and  changes to the probation model recently announced.

Amy Rees, Jim Barton, and Sonia Crozier will also face questioning.

Napo members celebrate

Napo members and all who have followed the story of the destruction of the probation service were in celebratory mood last week after the government announced plans to abondon its failed model.

While there is still some way to go, most would agree that this is a step in the right direction.

The campaign has been a long and tough one; and one that could not have been fought without members' dogged determination to have the service restored to its former glory.

#3 Public Safety is compromised with a 21% increase in SFOs and community safety completely undermined by a divided organisation

It’s fair to say that Transforming Rehabilitation has had an adverse – dangerous even – impact on the ability of probation staff to manage the risk of their clients and keep the public safe.

Before the service was butchered, categorising clients either high, medium or low risk meant workload could be shared, there were ample opportunities for staff development, and most importantly, cases could be easily escalated to a more experienced officer if anything changed.


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