Exactly how much will I get?

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The NPS have produced a pay calculator to help you work out exactly what the offer will give you. All you need is your current pay before any allowances or your pay point. These are on your pay slip or you can check them here.

To see how payments will be staged from November 2018 click here

The table below shows the highest and lowest awards for staff in each grade between 1st April 2018 and 1st April 2019. The % figure does not include the £300 pensionable payment to all staff in recognition of there having been no award in 2017-18.

Consolidated payments are those that are kept for future years. Non-consolidated payments are similar to bonus payments are pensionable but are not kept for future years.

Highest Awards per band                                                             

            TOTAL %       £         Consdtd %      Consdtd. £

B1           14           £2513          12.2                £1964

B2          13.6          £3037         10.2                £1302

B3          10.4          £2968         10.4                £2469

B4          11.5          £4130         11.2                £3830

B5          7.1           £3065           6                   £2361

B6          9.3           £4505          8.1                 £3747


Lowest Awards (Below maxima)

            TOTAL %      £              Consdtd. % Consdtd. £

B1          6.1           £1405              3                 £520

B2          6.3           £1504              3                 £540

B3          6.1           £1674              3                 £663

B4           6             £1759              4                 £888

B5           6             £2443              4                £1478

B6          6.1           £2702              4                £1202

Members who retire between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2020 will be entitled to all of the relevant elements of the award on a pro-rata basis. This should happen automatically, with back pay and pension adjustments happening automatically.

Members who have left or leave during the course of the deal will also be entitled to contractual back pay on a pro-rata basis – namely incremental rises they’d have got had they been awarded on time. These will however have to be claimed by the individuals by contacting the NPS. Napo can assist where someone is still a member.


Napo’s negotiators see this as a critical part of the offer. Napo is very conscious of the additional responsibilities, workloads and pressures heaped upon 1st line managers since the split – especially in the NPS where they have taken responsibility for most HR actions, exposing them to the stresses of the SSCL.

In short, we do not think that there are enough 1st line managers in the NPS. We also think there are too few Band 6 and other managerial leads. This will be exposed when the additional responsibility for supporting team members to achieve the CBPPF outcomes is in evidence.  As a result, those in post do not favour favourably when compared to those with similar levels of responsibility elsewhere in the MoJ or civil service. It is ridiculous that in LDU’s the management chain now has just two links where an ACO can earn more than double the salary of the next manager at SPO level. In an environment where the Minister has direct responsibility for all SFO’s this means the 1st line manager could be only two or three steps from direct accountability to the Minister and yet they are expected to carry this responsibility for themselves and their teams for less than £40,000 p/a starting pay.

The overlap between the SPO and PO bands is also a mess. This becomes completely unsustainable when the vast majority of PO’s will be at their band maximum, as a result of the deal. 5% pay on promotion will help address this but only barely.

Napo is also conscious that there is currently no clear professional development and career pathway for managers and aspiring senior managers in probation. We are very eager to use the Management Review, allied to partnership working on defining the CBPPF for all grades up to Chief Officer Grades, to push these concerns.

We could not address all of these problems within the budget or timeframe of this award. However, by securing the review we have won recognition of the issues and a platform to tackle them.

Members who are in managerial position are asked to consider helping directly by joining our Manager’s Network. To find out more email info@napo.org.uk marking your e-mail as ‘Manager’s Network’ request.

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