Members who have individual risk assessments currently in place should ask for these to be reviewed in light of the Government announcement (and the evidence available to date on the possible greater transmissible rate of the new Covid variant of...Read more

13th Dec 2021

Following AGM and the formal change of officers for Napo we have reviewed the roles and responsibilities we hold. Below you will find information about who does what and how to contact us.

Who Does What at Napo...Read more

12th Nov 2021

Napo have been working on ViSOR related issues for some years now. Our main concerns are the workload implications of using an additional system for recording information and the consequences of using the Police Vetting required to access the...Read more

12th Nov 2021

There are three sets of job evaluations outstanding at the moment, and all are running into difficulties caused by lack of resources in the JES team along with the failure to do preparation and follow up work with sufficient detail. We have now...Read more

12th Nov 2021

It is a little late for Halloween but we have been hearing some horror stories about Probation Estates issues. From Unpaid Work staff being expected to use old shipping containers with no electricity or water to unlit grounds and car parks where...Read more

12th Nov 2021
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